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Mumbles & Squeaks
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Date:2009-10-04 10:53
Subject:Right, then.

I have been hearing the same question a lot lately, whenever I venture out of the house... "Where have you been?" So. Regarding the 2-yr social hiatus, please insert the following where applicable:

Yeah, it really has been a long time since I was out in the world... I know, it's appalling.

No, it's not just you... I haven't been seeing much of anyone outside my own household. I do that sometimes... get out of the habit, and then it takes ages to get back in. I think that I'm cycling round to social again.

Why did I drop off the face of the earth? Well to recap, first there was a month of being really sick... back in October 07. Then I was sick for a second month, waiting for surgery to fix me. Then surgery recovery... and then the month after that I lost my job. (You all remember this.) Then, I was job hunting and not spending money on non-essentials (like going out for shows, social events, etc) and being in a pretty constant state of panic and misery that I didn't want to inflict on perfectly normal people. Then, once some semblance of normal had returned, money was still tight and anyway the boy didn't want to go anywhere ever. And then after a LONG period of that, right about the time boy was out of the picture and money was finally no longer a constant issue, which was... um... this May?... my car elected to begin dying in earnest, and in an unfixable fashion. Enter panicked car search and saving money for that. Also throw in some "oh god where am I going to live" to make things interesting and properly preoccupy me. And a lot of interstate travel. And then, PRESTO...

It's October 09, and my world has settled into a new orbit. I love my home and the people in it, I have a car that lets me finally enjoy driving again AND go visit people without worrying about whether it'll break down, a job that covers my bills and makes me really happy, and freelance work that lets me go out and be frivolous while still maintaining a savings account... I can finally get my eyes checked! so I can SEE again! Money for glasses, hooray!

So... I'm happy again for the first time in a long, long time. Happy... and safe. Things are good. I'm good. I'm ready to be in the world again.

Just wanted to say hi! and I missed you all!

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Date:2008-08-30 18:13


Whitewater tubing is a yes. yes yes YES.

My arms hurt from paddling now :P

Yay for not drowning.

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Date:2008-08-11 09:12
Subject:Art Opening (and wine, don't forget the wine)

Hi people! It's finally time for my opening at the Yellow Dog Tavern in Baltimore. There will be delicious foods and a wine tasting, and mingling and being cosmopolitan. (I think the latter is true.) It will be tomorrow evening, August 12th, from 6pm to 8pm after which no doubt something else exciting will happen.

If you can make it, awesome! if not, there will be others! Let me know if you have questions! Yes!

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Date:2008-07-09 12:28
Subject:new bits for summer...

(hai i make thingz)

Buy Handmade

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Date:2008-06-18 18:50
Subject:and now a word on wine...

Peach Prosecco Sangria. Ok that's three words.

1 bottle Prosecco
1 bottle Tango Peach wine (Boordy)
a little apricot nectar (to taste)
peaches, nectarines, and apricots per your personal taste and inclination

Seriously, yum. Lightly fizzy and heavily awesome.

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Date:2008-05-08 10:02
Subject:Things what are new

Item one being our garden, which is newly planted with the botanical spoils of my sheep and wool trip. We got three kinds of basil (thai, cinnamon, and fino verde), oregano, lemon verbena, two kinds of pepper (chocolate bell and anaheim chile), and two kinds of tomato (patio hybrid and green zebra!) For your amusement and mine, I have created this visual aid:

The new plants went in the ground on Tuesday, to join our rapacious crop of peppermint, spearmint, and catnip, and also the chives. Derek was finally coaxed off the couch and into the yard by my assertion that i had found the BIGGEST earthworm ever anywhere (or at least the biggest i'd ever seen- seriously, SO FAT) and he was overcome by garden joy too, and dug up a second plot for more veggies which we will hopefully purchase tonight. We need cucumbers and squish!

Item two is that because of my garden illustrating nonsense, I now have something for Illustration Friday! Which is a Thing where illustrators can submit topics and they pick one a week as the theme and everyone who wants does an illustration of the topic and posts it and you go here and see all of them and it's good practice and fun and awesome and why don't i do it every week? Seriously, I've been on the mailing list for a year. Jeez. Anyway, this week is Seed, and some of these plants come from the seeds of last year's but ALL of them represent the seeds of many delicious experiments in summer cuisine. I can't wait to see how D incorporates the lemon verbena into tastiness, he wants to try it as a substitute for lemongrass...

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Date:2008-05-01 13:53
Subject:A short list of me-related info...

1. Not dead. (in case you wondered/worried)

2. The show in Fredericksburg went pretty well, two sales (Coffee and Fin) and a couple giclee orders. Yay.

3. Der Sheep und Vool fest is this weekend- I will definitely be going sunday. (Possibly saturday too if my dad decides to come up- his sister, my Aunt Betsy, is working the American Cormo Sheep booth again this year.) If anyone wishes to congregate or carpool, let me know. Llamas are awesome. The end.

4. Not quite the end- My 30th birthday is coming up on the 22nd of May, which is a thursday this year. As I am required to be in fredericksburg for wedding stuff for my sister that weekend, festivities will be that thursday evening (the 22nd). I wish to have a delicious dinner somewhere and then go see the new Indianna Jones movie, which premiere's that evening. Anyone who wants to come help celebrate me being a new and unreasonable age should let me know! I will also post more detail closer to the 22nd. Yes.

5. I have a cold. Again. Also a new and violently orange shirt. I am hoping the shirt contains vitamin c which i may absorb through osmosis. If not, I also picked up orange mango juice, coldeeze, and nyquil this morning at the store. If only I had remembered to buy tissues...

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Date:2008-03-11 12:30
Subject:New bits...

I can has bead time...

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

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Date:2008-02-29 11:22

Buy Handmade

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Date:2007-12-19 15:35
Subject:Happy Holidays...

I've been fired. They were nice enough to give me till Jan. 11, so I will get my 3 weeks of vacation for the new year, which gives me a month to look for a new job.

If anyone knows of an opening anywhere, please let me know?

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Date:2007-11-13 14:32

I did more stitching this weekend. Since the butterfly pocket I made last week has already sold, I figured it might be a good idea to make more... The flower was simple and fun, and a good use of this outrageously pink wool I have. The sheep... well, who doesn't like sheep? especially lovely curly fluffy sheepies like this one.

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Date:2007-11-09 10:49
Subject:Non-Health-Related Posting Is Good For My Health

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

Christmas shopping is around the corner... I know much of my friends here buy handmade already, but they gave me a button! Had to put it somewhere...

Also, I just finished this and am very pleased with how it turned out. Bee next perhaps? or a fluffy little sheep?

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Date:2007-07-23 10:04
Subject:About that indigo stain on my left arm...

Holy crap it's beautiful out today... feels like spring. Meanwhile, I'm hoping the coming weekend has less thunderstorms scattered over it than predicted... but a good storm while we're at the beach would be lovely.

This weekend was pleasant, and I'm happy for all the artscapers that it wasn't traditional baltimore purgatory this year... but instead of going to see art (for which i feel mildly guilty)I hid in the house and made some of my own...
crawly bits...Collapse )
I just wish I hadn't fucked up the thorax. Le sigh.

I'm working on a cicada, using two half-dismembered specimens (I should coat the bastards in shellac maybe). Fun. More beetles for meeeee! I'd love to get a Nymph... or a moving leaf... not only are they lovely to look at but from a drawing perspective I could geek out over the frills and textures for hours.

Yes. And now, coffee.

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Date:2007-06-06 09:19
Subject:fruit plate + mojitos = trouble

I feel as though i've been run over by a truck. A truck carrying fruit. And Highball glasses.

I'm not sleeping well this week, probably from residual stress. Or maybe it's just going around. Either way, the living room floor has never looked so inviting. I'm listening to my coffeehouse shimmy mix in an effort to wake up without ingesting any more coffee... so far the Combustible Edison is just making me long for the horizontal. (The Twilight Zone controls the horizontal, my head says helpfully) Also the birds have eaten all the food in the feeder again, running through the entire lot in just two days, which indicates to me that they are greedy monkeys and also that this will be an expensive way to entertain the cats (and lets be honest, myself). (It also controls the vertical, so really it's Rod Serling's fault you can't lie down...) I should eat something that is not unlike food. (what, are you too tired for paragraph breaks?) And I should go argue with myself somewhere you all don't have to read about it.

Point: I am dusting off my deplorably rusty mix making skills, and anyone who wants to guinea for me should speak up. Yes.

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Date:2007-05-24 11:06
Subject:The things I do instead of work...

1. Identify the birds which have finally discovered my new birdfeeder: the House Sparrow, Passer Domesticus, which is actually imported from Europe. They are lovely and striped.

2. Count all the roses on our rose bush: 80, not including buds.

3. Shop for Adirondack chairs online: Mitzi found me a rocker and table on craig's list, listed on my birthday no less (kismet!), for cheap and close by! We are going to steal a truck and go get it!

4. Water the gerber daisy and baby nip plants again: the daisy needs to be planted tonight, as well as the tomato and zucchini we bought. I want zucchini for dinner. No, i want green beans and hamburguesas. Yes. And an adirondack chair.

5. Post silly things on my journal that chiefly entertain ME: Like so.

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Date:2007-05-23 09:22
Subject:Day 2 of 29

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so lovely yesterday. I had a fantastic evening. And lots of rum. and cake. and great weather and a dragon and pens! PENS! and crayons and caterpeople bugthings and good music and great people and awesomeness. Yay. You all rock.

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Date:2007-05-19 15:08
Subject:Quiet please darling, your auntie's hung...

...but not too hungover to garden. I got home this morning at six and I tried to sleep, having been up all night, but people we don't know in Missouri and Kentucky kept calling and hanging up. Then my parents called. Then cassie came and sat on my chest and started putting her paws on my chin every time my eyes closed. And then I got up and headed outside where I proceeded to get spectacularly dirty and even more freckled.

I planted the cinnamon basil and spicy-bush basil (i know...what were they thinking??) and the Poblano pepper I got from the Sheep & Wool fest... moved the peppermint into the main part of the garden, and rounded up most of the catnip sprouts which have not abandoned us after all. (orion made passionate love to my weed pile once he discovered there were stray nip plants in it. he is FILTHY.) I removed almost all of the pernicious violets from the entire garden, and unearthed the strawberries. Then, after two Gardeners Gone Wild moments and two changes of clothes, I agreed that we need a new hose for the backyard.

Mitzimouse- I have a pot of violets, a pot of peppermint, and a pot of catnip for you. We can also give you a strawberry if you want one.

Everyone else- if you want catnip, violets, peppermint or regular mint, or chives seeds, let me know. I have tons! Mint in particular does really well on windowsills- i've been growing a plant from a cut stem since last summer in just a glass of water. Seriously, they're EASY and smell good and go nicely in tea and mojitos.

Speaking of which... yum.

By the way, did anyone take home my black sweater last night? I forgot to put it in my car before I left, and when I went back to perk it was gone...

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Date:2007-05-11 10:25
Subject:sometimes a girl just wants zombies...

If anyone is interested, there is a group going to see 28 Weeks Later tonight, around 9 or 10. Contact me for details if you want to go!

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Date:2007-04-25 12:54
Subject:In a desperate effort to avoid work...

again with the shiny bitsCollapse )

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Date:2007-04-20 09:57
Subject:Queen Amy

There is nothing quite like a dish of fresh strawberries for breakfast to make you feel like royalty. Add in the gorgeous spring morning, sunlight warming the coats of my sleeping minions, and a damn fine cup of coffee... man. Bring on the affairs of state.

It more than makes up for the long night... I hallucinated something just as i was drifting off, and it spooked me enough to wake me up completely. After that, restless angry dreams fit for much heavier heads than mine.

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